Since 1989, art has been the language I speak and the bible I swear by. My lifelong creative education ranges a beautiful repository of art, music, movement, science, philosophy and technology.

Lines on arm

Self Portrait by Sophie Giblin, 2013

My existence till now has been distilled with insights from my brother’s interest in artificial intelligence and accompanied by the admiration I have for my intellectually intimidating sister. Drawing was used by my mother to help me learn and silence me when I was a nuisance. And thankfully, my father snuck business into all conversations about art, for survival purposes.

Like other millennials, I watched the internet enter it’s adolescence and anonymously sought thrills from fascinating and disturbing chatrooms. These days I listen to science podcasts and pay attention at futurist talks. Empathy, mental health, social action and being a good ally play a huge role in my self initiated projects. As you read this, I’m planning a new project which explores how technology is changing the human workforce and as a result, impacting our psychological state.

During 2016 I was honoured to be awarded funding by Creative New Zealand to produce the first ever Lokal Stories with two Māori / Pākehā feminist artists and writers. Our collaboration explored and dismantled the ways in which the hetero-patriarchal, neo-colonial culture we live in has shaped online identities and harassment today.

Right now I’m residing in Melbourne, Australia eager to start new projects and collborations.

Lines on arm

Self Portrait by Sophie Giblin, 2013



Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the South East, England and National Finalist. Awarded by Google and V Inspired, London. The UK’s Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas nominated me for this award and also became my gallery’s supportive patron.


Digital Photography - Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, London, England.


Platforms Residency - Lighthouse Arts, Brighton, England.


Entrepreneurship for Creatives - Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, London, England.

2010 - 2013

1st Class Honours Degree in Performance and Visual Art, majoring in Installation and Sound - The University of Brighton, England.

2008 - 2010

Distinction, Fabric Manipulation - Reading College, England.


August 2013 - ongoing

The year I graduated, I also founded Kollektiv Gallery. This now award winning initiative designs and runs educational programmes and curates artistic collaborations. Together with the participants, artists, institutions and community, I turn unused spaces into public exhibitions. I also visually Picture Interview hundreds of global artists and have written a free and extensive A-Z Manual on starting collectives, crowdfunding and open galleries.

October 2016 - January 2017
Mark Tantrum Photography Ltd - Studio & Production Manager

During my final months in New Zealand I worked with Mark and his team to organise photoshoots, videos, manage clientele and recruit new staff. I produced and managed the development of a streamlined digital presence, which included rebranding, curatorial decisions, copywriting and SEO enhancements on his social media accounts, email and website. I also wrote funding applications for creative photography, documentary projects and treatments for clients.

February – October 2016
Lokal Stories - Fundraiser, Project Manager and Curator

I designed Lokal Stories as a residency for artists to explore social and political inequalities through artist collaborations across the globe. The first ever Lokal Stories took place in Wellington, New Zealand with two local Māori / Pākehā artists and writers, Hana Pera Aoake and Jordana Bragg. Cyber Nectar was the title of the three month residency, where Hana and Jordana examined the psychological and physical experience of proto-digital life through writing, video and installation. I managed every aspect of the project including the fundraising, location hunting, artist management, online PR and curatorial decisions.

August 2016 - ongoing
Femur Design - Visual Experience Designer

At Femur Design I manage the team that designs instant and intuitive musical experiences for the web, iOS and Android. For example Theremin is a touch playable synthesiser. I collaborated with the team on the visual experience and managed the launch, press releases, videos and mail outs. Our most recent project involved two other senior developers to create Blokdust, a web app which allows users to build instruments and make self-playing sound environments.

May 2014 - ongoing
Fast Art - Producer and Workshop Designer

Fast Art is a speedily paced, creative entrepreneurship workshop, where teams must start, finish and sell a project in under two hours. I designed Fast Art to lovingly force people to trust their gut, let go of expectations and pay homage to the ingenious child inside themselves. Fast Art smashes up the usual agile-innovation techniques, allow participants to act on raw instinctive decision making and physical creation.

2013 - ongoing
Public Speaker

I have spoken at events all over the UK, France and New Zealand. This list includes universities, schools, art festivals, business events, incubators and on public panels. I have spoken at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, London and galleries such as De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.