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The Big Art Herstory Project
Scrum Master

The Big Art Herstory Project runs educational drawing tours across London’s museums and galleries, designed to offer anyone a compelling way to learn about the overlooked female narratives of Art History. My team is working on Feminist Creative Networking events and is preparing to launch London’s first Feminist Art and Anthropology Festival in 2020. As Scrum Master, I motivate the weekly sprints, manage timelines, tasks and conflict resolutions to achieve the most value in a short space of time.

2013 - 2019
Kollektiv Gallery
Founder and Curator

At Kollektiv I produce residencies, festivals, exhibitions and symposiums. Interested in the ethics of inhabiting space by reacting to the semiotics of the city; a car, empty butchery, office, warehouse or laptop become the backdrop for artists work. This work is done in tandem with creative play, survival and entrepreneurial drive.

I design, run workshops and give talks, publish interviews, online publications, podcasts and manage artists too. If you’d like to discuss a flexible consultancy that suits you, drop me an email.
kollektiv's website kollektiv's website

Foss Magazine
Magazine Editor

Foss is a self-initiated internet magazine which explores the interludes between art, fashion and sport. My co-editor and I are avid cyclists, swimmers and football fanatics, we see vibrant playful and political art being made within these intersection which we decided to start archiving into one Instagram account. Inspired by the Women’s World Cup, we attend London matches and sport exhibitions, joined a football reading book club and interview artists working in this sphere. Foss

Hayward Gallery, London
Tour Guide

Hayward Gallery is a world-renowned contemporary art gallery and a landmark of brutalist architecture at Southbank Centre in London. I absorb and relay knowledge to the public about the artist, the cultural environment of each work and the curatorial direction for the exhibition and well as train other tour guides. I have delivered hour long tours for Lee Bul: Crashing, Space Shifters and Kader Attia: Museum of Emotion. I take round architects, university students, Sotheby’s employees and any member of the public. I was chosen for this position for my clear and adaptable public speaking skills, and my ability to ensure the visitor’s experience is kept to an extremely high standard.

Hayward Gallery, London
Visitor Experience Host

Hayward Gallery’s year-round exhibition programme focuses on presenting a wide range of adventurous and influential artists from across the world. As a Visitor Experience Host I am trained to be a world class expert and advocate of artistic knowledge for visitors on site, seeking out conversations to have about the art with visitors. I use active listening to discuss the exhibition. It’s through these conversations I help visitors, steak holders and potential funders access the exhibition in a unique and memorable way.

Letting Objects Speak

Kollektiv Gallery group show at SET Bermondsey London
. Presenting a range of video, objects and performance-based works, the artists in this exhibition employ an excavation framework to trace a journey of interpretation around extinction, colonisation, power and agency.

Emily Wood
Laura Durward
Jack Rooney
Juliette Hagg
謝詠雯 Wingman Erin
Georgie Brinkman
Alex Wight

Letting Objects Speak was organised over a six week period, resulting in a one day curatorial intervention workshop and exhibition and handout. 
 Letting Objects Speak

Letting Objects Speak

Koko Black
Brand Strategist and Copywriter

Bryce Ford is the Creative Director of Koko Black, a contemporary chocolate company in Melbourne, Australia. I was contracted to research and rewrite Koko Black’s new brand strategy. This included collecting data and refining research on competitors, finding a tone of voice to fit the new aesthetic direction and to present all the information in an easily digestible document for the board and investors. After that work was complete, I was hired as a copywriter to produce written content for the website, social media posts, seasonal events, competitions and names of products.

2016 - 2017
Mark Tantrum Photography Ltd
Studio and Production Manager

Mark Tantrum is a commercial events photographer and documentary maker. During my final months in New Zealand I organised photo and video shoots, managed clientele bookings, recruited new staff and helped plan at the meetings. I produced and managed the development of Mark’s digital presence, which included rebranding, curatorial decisions, copywriting and SEO enhancements on his social media accounts, email and website.

2015 - 2016
Cyber Nectar
Festival Director and Producer

Funded by Wellington City Council funded, New Zealand
. Cyber Nectar references warm, alive bodies interacting with cold, dry pieces of technology. Roy Ascott theorised the term ‘moist media’ as a way of describing, ‘where wet living biologies meet dry computational systems’. Cyber Nectar responds and critiques issues raised by both Roy Ascott and other early cyber feminists by examining the psychological and physical experience of proto-digital life. Cyber Nectar

Producer and Project Manager

A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at New Zealand Portrait Gallery
. “What feminine part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world? At what point does femininity become synonymous with apology? Who hurt the people who hurt you? DARKMATTER’s Alok Vaid-Menon is trying to figure it out.”

In collaboration with Garage Project, Women’s Refuge New Zealand, Wellington Rape Crisis, InsideOUT, an incredible organisation who work to make Aotearoa a safe(r) place for young people of diverse genders and sexualities. Other supports and funders were JPEG2000, Creative New Zealand, Wellington City Council Public Art Grants and New Zealand Portrait Gallery.

Alok Vaid-Menon DARKMATTER
Hana Pera Aoake
Jordana Bragg
Dilohana Lekamge
Elijah Winter
Faith Wilson
Georgina Watson
Hera Lindsay Bird
Laura Duffy
Mya Morrison-Middleton
Piupiu Maya-Turei
Tayi Tibble




Indulge in my vanity
Producer and Project Manager

A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at MEANWHILE GALLERY, Wellington, New Zealand
. Curatorial intervention of The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use with tryptic video work by Nathaniel Gordon-Stables, accompanied by writing by Laura Duffy and edited by Dilohana Lekamge. In the curatorial intervention of the group show The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use (It is a relationship entered into) Laura Duffy has created space for an artist she feels deserves recognition, Nathaniel Gordon Stables. Nathaniel isn’t wāhine, he is tangata ira tane as well as takatāpui.

The idea of the curatorial intervention was to disrupt the notion of ‘women’, not only in the pre-existing exhibition, but to reconstruct the constraints that ‘women’ has as a category in order to be more inclusive and diverse. Cyber Nectar surrounds ideas of decolonisation: takatāpui in itself has an unfortunate history of being erased within the process of colonisation and the western documentation of Maori culture. This intervention attempts to respect takatāpui and allow them to gain more visibility. Indulge in my vanity

Producer and Project Manager

A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at Emporium Vintage, Wellington, New Zealand
. Text video installation, duration 5 minutes (continuous loop), Hana Pera Aoake and Jordana Bragg in collaboration with Sean Burn.

In rhetoric, parrhesia is a figure of speech described as: “to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking”. In August 2016 Hana Pera Aoake and Jordana Bragg undertook a week long takeover of the Lokal stories Instagram and Twitter accounts. HPA wrote almost a thousand tweets. JB erased all of these by deleting approximately 150-200 a day. ‘Parrhesia’ is a selection of these tweets, which act as a series of poems or anxious truths around intimacy, grief, capitalism and how we mediate our ‘selves’, emotions and relationships through technology. Parrhesia is a animated text work designed by irl angel, Sean Burn.


What I want to say is I owe all the happiness of my life to you
Producer and Project Manager

A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at Fusion Surf Skate, Wellington, New Zealand
. Performative video installation, duration 3 min 33 sec (continuous loop), Jordana Bragg and Hana Pera Aoake, in collaboration with Laura Duffy.

This video work uses the ocean and water as a way to frame the anxiety and emotional labours of capitalism and digital life. Filmed and edited in collaboration with Laura Duffy this video work flickers between footage spliced together to mimic the multitude of tabs open online. Its rhythm is designed to reflect the exponential rate at which colonialism and neoliberalism is destroying the world, and the paradoxical way capitalism and imperialism has constructed our identities and affected the rate of our productivity. What I want to say

The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use
Producer and Project Manager

A Cyber Nectar event by Kollektiv Gallery at MEANWHILE GALLERY, Wellington, New Zealand
. There is no one universalised experience of ‘otherness’, but how might these individual narratives we live come together to inform a complexity of concerns around the body and digital life? The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use (It is a relationship entered into) is an exhibition of work by national and international wāhine artists and writers. Each artist creates work that is embodied, marked by their experiences and offers ways of expressing empathy through self care, repetition, unlearning/learning and humour.

Audrey Baldwin (Ōtautahi)
Katherine Botten (Narrm)
Sophie Cassar (Narrm)
Quishile Charan (Tāmaki Makaurau)
Klein (London)
Ayesha Tan-Jones (London)
Jordana Bragg (Te Whanganui-a-Tara)
Hana Pera Aoake (Te Whanganui-a-Tara)
Laura Duffy (Te Whanganui-a-Tara)
Dilohana Lekamge (Te Whanganui-a-Tara)

The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use

The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use

2015 - 2017
Femur Design
Digital Project Manager

Femur Design is a small team of developers who design and build musical instruments to help people learn how to play music. At Femur Design I helped manage the team that designs instant and intuitive musical experiences for the web, iOS and Android. For example Theremin is a touch playable synthesiser. I collaborated with the team on the timeline and managed the brand strategy, launch, press releases, videos and mail outs. Our most recent project involved two other senior developers to create Blokdust, a web app which allows users to build instruments and make self-playing sound environments.
Femur Design

Femur Design

National Citizen Service
Mentor and Workshop Leader

I think it’s important to empower young people, that’s why I worked with the National Citizen Service. I guided 16-19 year olds to volunteer at their local dementia homes, to share their joint passion for art and music with the elderly people they visited. These experiences have taught me the importance of safeguarding, participating in youth lead curriculums and clear communication in challenging circumstances. 

Kollektiv Gallery
Creative Consultant

Creative consulting came very naturally after taking 60 artists and illustrators through the Kollektiv residencies. Word got around that someone a similar age was trying to find more work for creatives in Brighton. That’s when I became interested in contracts, licences, payments and learnt a lot from the AOI. Double Gazing was one of the projects I worked on with illustrator and Kollekitv Alumni, Amy Brown. She was already drawing fantastic portraits through windows for fun when we started having regular consultancy chats. Together we decided to brand what she was doing as Double Gazing and design a package to sell at events. Since then, Amy has drawn at Southbank Centre, magazine launches and gallery openings.
Double Gazing

Double Gazing

Double Gazing

Summer Chicks
Producer and Event Coordinator
Summer Chicks was a month long festival of feminist makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, art directors who aim to strengthen the community through teaching workshops, giving talks and nurturing other’s in their growth.

Programmed Events
Something From Nothing, Bettina Nem
Fast Art Marathon, Sophie Giblin
Geometric Concrete, Charlotte Gilks
Hand Embroidery, Harper & Finch
Deep Pockets & Long Lists, Jesse Black Mooney
Start Ups & Crowdfunding, Sophie Giblin

Double Gazing, Amy Brown
Microscopy: Photography & Food Waste, Charlotte Eliza King & Charlotte Wilson
70’s Weaving, Amy Ilic
Pop-Up Pottery, Finola Maynard
The Basics of Weaving, Lucy Davidson
Political Plasticine, Holly Macdonald

Summer Chicks

Summer Chicks

Producer and Event Coordinator

DAY6 was a pop up gallery in an old wooden coffee shop, open for one week in Brighton

, spanning politics, gigs and talks, the week proved how to start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Watch the marketing video here.

Programmed Events
Fired For You - A Ceramics Workshop, Finola Maynard

Ballads For All The ladies - live music, Bell Hall

UV Knitting + Illustration, Victoria Homewood & Amy Brown

Collaborative Guerrilla Drawing, Bettina Nem

Art Record Sleeve Deface Mash Up + trip to the local record shop, Harry Mills
Ethical Fashion Discussion, Nicole SP
How to Open a Pop Up Gallery, Sophie Giblin
Portfolios & Copyright Q&A, Matthew Shearer

Typography & Lettering Practice, Small Type
Superhero Smackdown - drawing, dares & games, Alessandra Chambers & Amy Brown


Kollektiv Gallery
Workshop designer and facilitator

Fast Art is a speedily paced, creative entrepreneurship workshop, where teams must start, finish and sell a project in under 2 hours. Fast Art lovingly forces us to trust our gut, let go of expectations and pay homage to the ingenious child inside each of ourselves. The workshop smashes up the usual agile-innovation techniques, allows us to act on raw instinctive decision making and physical creation, whilst reigniting a love for idea generation, team spirit and face-to-face selling.

Death By Gallery
Gallery Director, Producer, Artist Manager

I opened this gallery with 10 Kollektiv artists at 16 Brighton Square, funded by Kickstarter, Santander and Brighton University, supported by Brighton Fringe and Open House Brighton

. After publicising the opportunity, interviewing and choosing the artists, together we completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, worked with We Are Pop Up to find a vacant shop in Brighton and turn it into a pop up gallery for one month. Every artist taught a workshop and we also hosted guest speakers and musicians as well.

Programmed Events

Paper Plane Closing Party, Andy Felton
Association of Illustrations and Friends Talk
Art and Sandwiches, Teddy Chan
Make Your Own Ceramic Drinking Vessel, Finola Maynard
Crash Course in Taxidermy, Aliona Shi
Luke Sital Singh, Murray Macleod live in the Gallery
A Little Bit Creative With Money, Charlie Davies
Pixel Your Face, Holly McDonald
Cosmic Collage, Maria Sams
Painting Gradients, Sam Creasy
Death By Gallery Opening Event
Hairy Things, live drawing public intervention

Death By Gallery

Death By Gallery

The Butchery
Founder, Producer, Artist Manager

In 2013 I founded Kollektiv Gallery after seeing more and more artists fall into unpaid work “opportunities”. Kollektiv started as school, building residencies for creatives to learn new skills, like launch a crowdfunding campaign, open a gallery, learn about contracts, put on an event, sell art and connect with the community.

Kollektiv it has taken many forms. From the school, it merged into a mini agency, connecting creatives to businesses. Artists, photographers, animators and illustrators would take part in a picture interview to be part of the archive, acting as a publicity tool and portfolio for clients to view.

Kollektiv then started producing art festivals, which started in Brighton and ended up in Wellington, New Zealand. The festivals were funded by the government and council and included, podcasts, documentaries, exhibitions and symposiums. Collaborating with a wide array of institutions, charities and community members, the festival format became one of my favourites.

Here are some event and photos from our verys first Kollektiv Gallery Redidency Gallery, The Butchery.

Programmed Events
Drinkie Doodle, Adam Moore and Billy Mathers
Drawathon, Patrick Bates
Graphic Design Today Talk, Luke Neverest
Lino Printing, Lucy Irwin
Pom Poms, LucyDavidson
Terrarium Making, Giulia
Deck-o-rate, Alessandra Chambers
The Silent Auction, Peter Lloyd, Jonny Hannah

Association of Illustrations and Friends Talk
Private View Opening Party

Tell Us What To Paint group public intervention, Marwood cafe upstairs, Brighton

kollektiv indoor


Fast Art

Fast Art is a speedily paced, creative entrepreneurship workshop, where teams must start, finish and sell a project in under 2 hours. Fast Art lovingly forces us to trust our gut, let go of expectations and pay homage to the ingenious child inside each of ourselves. The workshop smashes up the usual agile-innovation techniques, allows us to act on raw instinctive decision making and physical creation, whilst reigniting a love for idea generation, team spirit and face-to-face selling.

Fast Art


Since 2014 I have published over 200 picture interviews on Kollekitv Gallery. I ask 10 questions and artists respond visually. This method of networking and publicity compliments my curatorial relationship with artists, a way for artists to develop their visual practice as well as have content to share online.

Here are a few examples.

Jordana Bragg, multi-disciplinary artists based in New Zealand, Concentrating on the metaphysics of love and loss, their practice discloses a characteristically dangerous personal and universal sense of vulnerability, informed by wider research around issues of identity and gender fluidity. Bragg is co-founder of the artist run initiatives Meanwhile (NZ) and Friends are Artists/Freunde sind Künstler (DE).

Jordana Bragg

Jordana Bragg, “What do you fight for?” 2016 interview, Kollektiv

Alicia King is an interdisciplinary artist from Melbourne Australia, her practice explores contemporary and cultural relationships with technology. She responds to today’s global engagement with technology that eternally places humans on the brink of the future. King examines tools of biological technologies to understand perspectives of the human body as a conceptually loaded, complex and raw material.
Jordana Bragg

Alicia King, “Is objectivity a myth?” 2017 interview, Kollektiv


“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

I’m honoured to have spoken at universities, galleries and businesses telling Kollektiv Gallery’s start up story, suggesting tried and tested ways to support artists and sharing my business model, so other’s can use it too.


Letting Objects Speak, Curatorial Intervention, SET Bermondsey London

Bodies of Knowledge, Laura Durward, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL

, London


Well Known Workshop, Brighton & Hove Council Strategy Day


Fast Art Talk & Workshop, Toi Poneke Art Centre, Wellington City Council

Fast Art Talk & Workshop, Toi Poneke Art Centre, Wellington City Council

Where To Begin, Talk & Workshop, Enjoy Gallery
, Wellington, New Zealand
Artist-run and Barely Running, Panel Discussion with Melanie Oliver, Sophie Giblin, Jay Hutchinson and Sonya Lacey on
, Wellington, New Zealand
Regret Nothing, Talk and Workshops, Shift, Wellington Youth Club, New Zealand


End of Year Key Note Speaker, St Josephs’ School, Reading
Fast Art, Talk & Workshops, Brighton Museum, Brighton Digital Festival
 Fast Art, Talk & Workshop, White Night, Reading

Fast Art, Workshop, ONCA Gallery, Brighton

Enterprise Delivery, Talk & Workshop, Slough Fast Art, Workshop, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

Entrepreneurial Spark, Key Note Speaker, University of Brighton
Deep Pockets and Long Lists, Talk, Kollektiv
 Gallery, Brighton
Side Hustles, Talk, University of Brighton
Fast Art, Workshop, Lighthouse Arts, Brighton


How To: Pop-Up Spaces & Crowdfunding, Talk and Workshop, Old School House, Bournemouth

Fast Art, Workshop, University of Brighton
Series of talks and workshops, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, Art at Work, Brighton

Side Hustle the Arts, Talk, Global Entrepreneur Week, Westminster Business school, London
Guest Speaker, Entrepreneur for Creatives Short Course, Central St Martins

, London


Taking the First Risk, Talk, University of Brighton
Grassroots Fever, Talk & Workshop, University of Ipswich

Turn Nothing Into Something, Talk & Workshop, Sittingbourne Council

Somewhereto, Panel Discussion with Andrew Sleigh, Paul Corcoran, Seb Lee-Delisle, Sophie Giblin and Al Hodgson, Brighton Dome

We Are Pop Up, Talk
, Brighton
Bflat, Assistant artist workshop leader, Suffolk School

Post Graduation, Talk, University of Brighton
How To Set Up a Gallery, Talk, Kollektiv Gallery, Brighton

Pecha Kucha, Talk, Brighton

BIG, Talk, Brighton

Fast Art Workshop in collaboration with Black Cat Press, Brighton Youth Centre

How To: Make a Living as an Artist, Talk, Southampton University
Use What You Have, talk, Fusebox Business School, Brighton

I Want Your Advice, Talk, Etsy, Brighton

Fast Art, Workshop, Fusebox Business School, Brighton

Humming, Workshop, The Wild School
, Brighton


Letting Objects Speak (2018) SET Bermondsey London, UK
DARKMATTER (2016) New Zealand Portrait Gallery
strictly 4 grinding (2016) Memphis Belle, Wellington, NZ
Parrhesia (2016) Emporium Vintage, Wellington, NZ
What I want to say is I owe all the happiness of my life to you (2016) Fusion Surf Skate, NZ
Indulge in my vanity (2016) MEANWHILE, Wellington, NZ
The Gaze is Not Something You Have or Use (2016) MEANWHILE, Wellington, NZ
Cyber Nectar (2016) Wellington, NZ
Summer Chicks (2015) Hen, Brighton, UK
DAY6 (2015) Front Room, Brighton, UK
Kristmas Lick (2014) Lick Warehouse Brighton, UK
K <3 W (2014) New England House, Brighton
, UK
Death By Gallery, (2014
) Brighton, UK
Going Solo (2014) Taylor St Baristas, Brighton, UK
Boon Issue 4 (2014
) Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
The Butchery (2013) Brighton, UK


2018 Hayward Gallery VE team won Launch of the Year at Visitor Experience Forum Awards

2016 Theremin received an honourable mention from Awwwards

2016 BlokDust won FWA’s site of the day

2014 I was titled Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the South East, England and became a National Finalist. This was awarded by Google and VInspired, London. The UK’s Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas nominated me for this award and also became Kollektiv Gallery’s supportive patron.


Trans and Diversity Awareness - Hayward Gallery

Certified ScrumMaster Training - Adventures with Scrum, Scrum Alliance
Public Speaking - TheatreWorks, National Theatre
Diversity and Communication - Hayward Gallery

First Aid Training - Cycling Grants London
Safeguarding - National Citizen Service



Te Reo Maori Language - Intensive Wananga, Wellington Education Centre

, NZ


Digital Photography - Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, London


Platforms Residency - Lighthouse Arts, Brighton

The FuseBox - Wired Sussex Business Residency, Brighton

Entrepreneurship for Creatives - Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, London


Entrepreneurship for Creatives - Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, London

2010 - 2013

Performance and Visual Art (Music) - 1st Class Honours Degree
, University of Brighton 

2008 - 2010

Fabric Design, Distinction
 - Reading College School of Art

Fashion Design - Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, London

Art Foundation, Merit
 - Reading College School of Art, Reading